Friday, May 14, 2010

Documenting and showcasing the teaset

I have been working on a few different ways to get my project out there and here the ideas I've had and am working on at the moment.

- A website. I have bought and have started building a very simple website to show the installation through a number of different media and group everything (including this blog) under one URL that I can send to prospective galleries or people who might want to put it on for a few days.

- Picture collections. I have been documenting some parts of the building of the teaset and will be taking a great deal of high quality photos of the final piece. These will be being displayed both as slide shows on the website, and as a printed hardback book that will sit next to the teaset when it is on show to let users see the different places it has been put on.

- Videos. I have been taking some videos of the teaset which I will be compiling into a very simple, short promotional that will be viewable on the website. I will also be filming the teaset when it is use in the various venues I have lined up over the next few months to allow people to get a better sense of the way people interact with it and whether it will work in their venuewithout necessarily having to try it out in person first.

- Prints. I have been working on a simple image that is essentially a collage of different elements of the teaset and things that symbolise what the teaset is about. I am having this printed onto a canvas that will hang on a wall close to the installation when it is use in much the same way the teamasters in Japan and China would have a carefully selected print hanging in their tea room which exemplified their values and ideas.

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