Sunday, May 16, 2010

Making the box functional

How the project is presented is key to creating the kind of atmosphere and sense of occasion I'm looking for, and as such I have been spending a bit of time lately making sure the inside of the box is as clean cut, simple and functional as the outside. This is in part for trouble shooting purposes and as a way of keeping the computer cool enough, but also is a continuation of the key ideas behind Wabi-Sabi that I am keen to display in every aspect of Sonic-Cha, from the tea set itself to the Max/Msp patch that makes everything work. Keeping the cables, and there is a lot of them, organized and discreet as well as using 'velcro' on certain parts of the circuitry to keep them in place in the box has made the assembly time far quicker, which is something one must consider when moving the installation from venue to venue.

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