Monday, April 19, 2010

Linking Wabi-Sabi, and ancient Japanese Tea ceremony values to my project

'All things are impermanent' - Wabi - Sabi says the inclination towards nothingness is unrelenting and universal and this is one of the key concepts in my project. People will come to the tea set, make their sonic marking in each of the four cups and leave, but this sonic proof of their interaction will be short lived lasting only until someone else comes along to try. This transience is key to Wabi - Sabi teachings, and Japanese philosophy to some extent, and represents an intrinsic element of my project, and I think will effect how people use the tea set as-well.

'Everyone is equal in the Tea room' - This age old notion that is included in the teachings of Wabi - Sabi is another linchpin philosophy behind the installation. In days gone by the sanctuary and calmness of the Tea room represented one of the only places one could escape from notions of class and wealth. Nowadays, with the class system being what it is in Britain, this is still something of an issue and I want the tea set to provide this sense of equality among different people that the Wabi - Sabi/Japanese Tea room once did. Not only will the installation unite people in curiosity when in its final installation space, but the fact that everyone becomes equal by the recording process is fundamental too. All people are the same once recorded into the teacups. Who ever you are, your voice is recorded, for a time and then erased to be overwritten by somebody new.

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