Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The main teapot function...

I have been thinking about a way of involving the teapot in the main sound making part of the project and have decided to use another LDR which will, when the teapots lid is lifted, will apply an audio effect to whichever teacups buffer is playing. I think a relatively subtle reverb or delay could work well with the more the lid is lifted the more the reverb affects the sound recorded in the teacup. This way the user can control two parameters at once, by lifting the lid of the teacup which will choose the sample to playback, the amount of the teacups effect that is being used and also how much of the teapots effect is being heard also. I think this will make the experience more interactive and engaging and will go some way to enabling the user to really 'play' the teaset as an instrument.

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